Friday Night Confessions

by Chesca



whoa.. whoa...
may I follow every step you make?
may I swallow every breath you take?
I shake, I break, when you're close to me
can you feel it too?

whoa.. whoa...

I cry, I spy on you when you are not here
I faint, then paint a picture of you
jaded, faded, things get complicated
can you feel it too?

I need you
I want you
if only you knew
you know you'd want me too


released 08 April 2011
Written by Chesca

Chesca (Vocals)
Marc Wild (Guitar)
Darren Parris (Bass)
Niko Friesen (Drums).

Produced by Jeff Dawson
Mixed by Mike Fraser
Mastered by Adam Ayan



all rights reserved


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